Where is Tara Grinstead? Please Help Us Find Her.

Tara Grinstead


It's hard to believe that we are nearing another anniversary date of Tara's disappearance and no one has come forward with answers about what happened to her.   We believe with all of our heart that someone out there knows the truth but has chosen to remain silent.   That truly must be a heavy burden to carry and especially to have carried it for so long.   We deserve to know the truth and you deserve to be set free from the bondage you are in.   The Lord already knows exactly where Tara is and he also knows exactly what happened to her.  He could reveal that any time he chooses.    We don't know why he hasn't, but we do trust him in this as we do in all situations.   We know that most people don't believe Tara is still alive and she may not be.   But stories like the ones about Shawn Hornbeck missing for four years and found alive, and Jaycee Dugard missing for eighteen years and found alive, are enough to keep a small measure of hope alive in our hearts.    

Living without Tara's presence in our lives is very painful, but living without knowing if she is dead or alive, adds another layer of sadness.    We beg you from the deepest places of our hearts...please find a way to let us or someone in law enforcement know what happened to Tara.   We don't seek revenge against you.    We just need to know the truth, and if Tara is deceased, we want to be able to say a proper goodbye to her.   Please at least give us that.    Psalm 46:1 says:   God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.    The same God who comforts our broken hearts over the loss of Tara is the same God who is ready to help you.   God loves you and waits for you with open arms.    We are praying that you will find the courage you need to help you do the right thing.  

Billy and Connie Grinstead - 10/21/2011

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Thoughts of Tara...

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years.   Now we find ourselves at the five year mark and still no Tara.  Where is she?   What happened to her?  Who is responsible?  When will we find her?  Will we ever find her?  Is she still alive or is she no longer with us?  We live with these questions every single day of our lives and it doesn't get any easier with time.

We love Tara and we miss her so much.   She is in our thoughts, our prayers, and our conversations every day.  We continue to hope and pray that the person/persons who can answer our questions will find the courage and the heart to come forward and do so.    We ask God to help you do the right thing, and we ask him to forgive you.  Lamentations 3:23 tells us that God's mercies start fresh each new day.   That
is true for you just as it is for us.

Memorial Service for Tara with Billy and Connie GrinsteadIf Tara is no longer alive, we will always feel the pain of our loss, but at least knowing the truth will allow us to have some kind of closure.  Otherwise we will continue to search for her and for answers the rest of our lives.

Senseless crimes happen every day.   No family is exempt.  Today it is our family; tomorrow it could be yours.   We are grateful for all of the support we have received the past five years and ask that you continue to remember all of Tara's family and friends in your prayers.   Instead of looking at the size of the mountain that is before us, we will continue to talk to the one who can move it.  That is you Lord, and we humbly ask that you lead us to Tara.

Billy and Connie Grinstead

T5ara GrinsteadNow that you have read the words from the hearts of Billy and Connie Grinstead, we ask.... 

Where is Tara?  

If you are the person with the answer to that question, please reach out today through whatever channel you choose and provide the answer.  

Five years ago, Tara was taken from those that love her.  Today, we ask that you give Tara back.  Your answer can come anonymously.  With today's technology and many communications channels, it wouldn't be hard to do.  You can send an email, make a call, mail a letter. There are other ways too.  Find whatever way you are comfortable to do the right thing.  Please.  Don't you think it's time?

You've read the message from the Grinsteads.  Please read it again and weigh their words carefully.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself:   Isn't it time to let them begin healing?  Isn't it time to relieve them from the questions that torment them daily?  Isn't it time to answer that question for them... Where is Tara?   Isn't it time to give her back?

5 Years Later: What Happened to Tara Grinstead?
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